Man who found teen Hailey Dunn's remains speaks exclusively to KTXS


BIG SPRING, Texas - Saturday, KTXS sat down for an exclusive interview with Curtis Lloyd, the man who found Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn's remains.

It was March 16, 2013 that Lloyd was out searching for fossils near Lake JB.Thomas.

Lloyd said he saw something unusual in the distance. As he walked over to it he realized it was a skull, a tooth and a femur. A little while later he found something else that made him think this could be the missing teenager.

"There was a piece of clothing that was the last thing she was seen wearing, a pair of warm-ups, blue warm-ups, that right there is what pretty well said it for me. That's the exact same thing they said she was wearing," Lloyd said.

Lloyd told us how it felt to put an end to the search for the middle school cheerleader after more than two years. Hailey Dunn was 13 when she disappeared in late December 2010.

"It's bittersweet. I mean we've solved one part of the case, we have the remains, but now the family has to deal with the loss and the burial and the memorial service, so you know it's great that we found her, but the most important thing now, in my opinion, is to find the person who did it," Lloyd said.

Now that Hailey's remains have been found, the people in Colorado City are looking for something else… justice.