Shane Mobley talks new gig at Sealy, Sweetwater memories


ABILENE, TX - After five seasons at the helm of Sweetwater football, turning around a program and leading it to its first UIL State Championship game since 1985, head coach Shane Mobley announced his tenure would end for a job at Sealy H.S. on January 11th.

Sports Director Chris Wilner sat down with coach Mobley recently, and discussed his new gig, as well as his take-aways from being the man who put the Mustangs back on the map.

Chris: Take us back to December 16th. You're with Sweetwater in the State Championship game, it doesn't go the way you planned and we saw the emotion on the players faces, on your face -- you talked about playing your last game with Hunter as a member of your team and stuff like that. Did you know at that point, that this was going to be it for you at Sweetwater? Mobley: "Honestly no not really. I really didn't. I started getting phone calls and I received quite a few phone calls around Christmas time but nothing that really interested me -- but Sealy did. I know a bunch of people frome the area and so I kind of looked into it and did my research and I was sold. Just by the community it was and the direction they want to go and in the meantime, since then I've met the kids and I've talked to the players and seen the kids in the hallways and so I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the right place for me." Chris: As a coach, you've been on some journey's. You've won state with two programs -- Prosper and Sonora as a defensive coach, you've led Sweetwater back into the state conversation. So what is going to be your take away from this chapter in your career? Mobley: What we did worked. You know, we still have our team meetings and we still do certain things as a unit and as a group and that's very big. That's something that no matter what, I'm not going to let anything or anyone take that away because when it's said and done, football is still a game -- all sports are still a game. But it's what they learn and what they take away from it and how you can build that unity. We were just blessed and I'm excited to take that to Sealy." Chris: Now, I want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind. I'm going to put you on the spot. First thing that comes to your mind as I read these stats to you. 46-16 in five years at Sweetwater, 184-47 as a coach in your career. 13-1 record, 12-1 record, and 13-2 all from the last three seasons -- what does that mean to you? Mobley: "You know, I'm very blessed. I'm on that, you know I don't want to chase the wins because I look at the relationships I build with the kids, with the famlies, and things like that. I am proud, but I'm also humble." Chris: Alright, I'll leave you with this, you're -- not necessarily favorite, but a memory that stands out to you in your five years here. I know its probably hard because you've got your son and the journey's you've been on -- Mobley: "Well besides the visits I've had with you coming out and interviewing me and all that kind of stuff -- Chris: Oh of course, thank you. Mobley: "Honestly --- you know, honestly we as coaches, we had some great times in that fieldhouse. We've got a lot of memories and things like that. I have. I've had some great coaches who've worked for me and I've got some great coaches that have been with me for five years. And so just the moments -- being in the coaches office not even working just being in the office talking about whatever. Those are just the memories that you'll always take with you." Coach Mobley begins his tenure at Sealy on February 15th.

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