Who was Hailey Dunn? Friends, family offer insight into the young girl's life


COLORADO CITY, Texas - On April 26, the remains found in Scurry County in March were identified as those of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn of Colorado City. We take a look at the life of this little girl and who she was.

Although Hailey Dunn was a cheerleader, friends of her family say she was also a tomboy, who enjoyed a good old-fashioned country dinner.

"She loved to go camping, she loved to play sports, loved to build things," said family friend Danny Thurmond. "You know, just a child full of that much life."

Hailey also excelled in school.

"Hailey was a great, great student," Colorado City Middle School Principal Mark Merrell said. "She was well-liked by not just staff, but the student body. She was one of those students that just had a positive attitude and had a lot of spunk about her."

People who knew Hailey say she was kind and made the world around her a little brighter, just by being in it.

"I don't know how in the world she come up with being so sweet, but she was a sweet, young lady," said Hailey's neighbor, Steve Turpin.

"She was a sweet, bubbly personality," said Linda Fox, who knew Hailey. "You know, you'd walk into a room and she'd just light it up."

Hailey also loved her family, as one search volunteer recalls after reading something Hailey once wrote.

"She says her mom's her hero and she says she loves her family," said search volunteer Holly Jenkins.

Perhaps you didn't even have to meet Hailey to know she was special.

"I saw her once," said search volunteer Kristy Turner. "I didn't know of her. She was just a child and that's what got to me. She was just a child ... just a child."

A child that was taken too soon.

"That little girl was more than just a girl," Thurmond said. "She is an angel in all of our eyes."

Friends of the family said a memorial service date and time have yet to be finalized.