Brown County to review contract for northern ambulance station


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - Brown County Commissioners want to know what happened to an ambulance station that was supposed to open in the town of May to reduce response times in the northern area of the county.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Joel Kelton asked that very question Monday at the commissioners meeting, citing an agreement Brown County signed with Lifeguard Ambulance Services last year.

Kelton requested commissioners hire a consultant to evaluate whether an ambulance station in May will still be helpful. However, Brown County Judge Ray West said that instead of hiring a consultant at the cost of $3,000, he would look over the contract they signed with Lifeguard.

West said if the contract states that Lifeguard agreed to open a station in May, he'll write a letter requiring the company to do so immediately.

Back in February, EMS Chief Chris Furry told KTXS the station in May would be open by June.

Kelton said he hasn't received an update on the progress of that project after reaching out several times.

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