Brownwood firework stand fundraising to send kids to running camp


BROWNWOOD, Texas - It won't be hard to find firework stands this holiday weekend. But, for people looking to do more with their money while celebrating Independence Day, then buying them in Brownwood could be an option.

Several high School students on the cross country team are working at a firework stand outside the city limits on U.S. Highway 279. They are hoping to raise enough money to attend a racing camp in New Mexico.

"We'll be open until at least 11 p.m.," cross country coach Don Hood said. "And the last two night's we'll be open until midnight."

Hood opened the stand for the second straight year on Monday and he set a goal of raising at least $2,500 for the trip. He hopes to send a dozen of his runners to the camp that Texas Tech University holds yearly. Last year they raised enough money to send six.

"It really strengthens you," said Jason Sanchez, a rising junior, about the camp. "Like it really shows if your strong enough to be a good competitor or not."

"I went last year and it was really fun," said Izzy Lawrence, a rising sophomore. "Everyone worked so hard and you just feed off each others energy."

People who spend $40 or more at the stand will get a free t-shirt. Those who spend $50 or more will have their name included in a drawing to win hundreds of dollars' worth of fireworks.

"It would mean a lot to us to have us sent to this camp," said Audrey Warren, a rising sophomore. "Because it's something we are all looking forward to doing."

Hood said his students are learning a valuable lesson operating the stand.

"That if they want good things, they need to be able to work for those good things,," he said.

Any money left over after paying for the trip will go towards buying new running sneakers for those who don't go to camp.