Brownwood museum unveils garden to feed monarch butterflies


BROWNWOOD, Texas - A museum in Brownwood started a garden to help preserve the monarch butterfly.

The Martin and Francis Lehnis Railroad Museum unveiled its new butterfly exhibit and garden dedicated to the monarch Saturday.

"They migrate through here as they go from Mexico to Canada," said the museum's curator, Beverly Norris. She added that the number of monarch butterflies has been rapidly declining over the past few years. "They're dying because the plants they use are being eradicated."

Norris said the monarch butterflies use milkweed along their migratory journey to help them reproduce.

"It will be planted in the fall, and we're hoping to have something in the spring," she said.

The money to build the garden and get the exhibit was taken out of the city's parks and recreational budget, which also funds the museum, according to Norris. It is a city-owned entity.

The monarch butterfly stops in Brown County in the fall and the spring.

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