Brownwood officials concerned about water rising at Pecan Bayou


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - Parts of Brown County continued to receive rainfall Tuesday afternoon, creating concerns among county officials about flooding potential along the Pecan Bayou.

The Lake Brownwood watershed has received 9.2 inches of rain in the month of May, according to Lake Patrol Chief Troy Henderson. He said the lake crested around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday but is expected to rise again.

"It depends on the watershed, but we don't know when it will crest again," Henderson said. "We're expecting it to come up another six inches."

Brown County Commissioner Joel Kelton said rains washed away a section of County Road 477 last week.

"We have roads that are completely impassable, and there's going to be a lot of rough roads, washed out roads, [with] enough [damage] that it could catch a wheel in it and get stuck," Kelton said.

Several business located along the Pecan Bayou in Brownwood were closed. Red Wagon, a restaurant on North Main Street, was one of them. Owner Angelique Jones said closing the restaurant puts a financial strain on everyone.

"That's a terrible burden on … the owner and the staff," Jones said while ringing customers up during the lunch hour rush. "That's how [the staff] makes their living. It would impact 20 people horribly every day we're shut down, so reopening rapidly will be the key."

For a list of Brownwood and Brown County road/street closures, click HERE.

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