Businesses look for profits after Lake Brownwood reopens


LAKE BROWNWOOD, Texas - Lake Brownwood opened Wednesday after being closed for weeks, and owners of nearby businesses that rely on the lake are happy to see the closure's negative effect on profits come to an end.

"You don't have a busy day if the park is closed," said Jack Wagner, owner of Jack's Place on Park Road 15. "You cut your pay-day [in] half… it might be more than that on some of them days."

The park and lake were closed because of high amounts of water going over the spillway. The state park opened on Monday after water receded and cleared the main road. They had been closed since May 31.

Wagner said he has never seen both the state park and lake closed simultaneously for that long.

"The girls have been hurting, they've been needing to work," he said. "You don't have no work for them if you don't have anyone coming in."

Members of the Brown County Water Improvement District made the decision to open the lake Wednesday morning. Crews spent the day clearing debris like tree limbs and logs from the lake.

BCWID General Manager Dennis Spinks acknowledged that the lake has a big economic impact on the county.

"High lake level, or low lake level does affect the economy, but there's nothing we can do about it," Spinks said. "We have to make the best of it."

Wagner said he hopes Mother Nature shows mercy next time.

"A lot of times it hurts, but we're survivors and we'll make it," he said.

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