Country singer with Brown Co. ties makes video about police stops


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - A country music singer born in Brown County is making waves with an online video with more views than the population of Texas.

Coffey Anderson, who grew up in Bangs, created an instructional video about what people should do when stopped by police. He released it on July 7 - the day after a Minnesota police officer shot and killed Philando Castile.

The video has surpassed more than 34 million views Tuesday. (CLICK HERE for video)

"The majority of my fans, being [in] country music, are not people of color," Anderson said. "I made this for everybody."

Anderson suggested people do four things during a traffic stop: turn the car off, place their driver license on the dash, have both hands on the steering wheel, and turn the car radio off.

"The hard part was a lot of people felt like as a person of color, getting stopped, you're danged if you do and danged if you don't," Anderson said.

He said his father taught him these lessons as a child. His dad was a correctional officer in Brownwood.

Anderson said his music has given him the opportunity to travel the world, which has widened his perspective.

"America is not Brown County," Anderson said. "There are some neighborhoods that cops wake up and they're ready to get to a fight. But I also can't imagine, as a policeman, having to watch my back for eight hours a day."

He said the takeaway from his instructional video is for both officers and drivers to make it home safely.

Anderson hopes this video will start a dialogue between the black community and law enforcement.

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