New Brownwood fire station should be completed this summer


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Firefighters at Brownwood's central fire station are getting a new home.

Construction for new site is well underway on Adams Street and Congress Avenue. The station will be located between the Lehnis Railroad Museum and the Depot Center.

Brownwood Fire Chief Del Albright said he is excited to see the final product.

"First you see a bunch of samples and what it's going to look like in pictures, and now we see it coming to fruition. You can actually see it," Albright said.

He said the biggest issue with the current station, which is located at the intersection of Main Street and Austin Avenue, was the lack of room. With the new station, more room means more resources such as a training room, a fitness center, and even offices for other personnel like the fire marshal, whose office is currently inside the Law Enforcement Center.

He said the extra space will be worthwhile now and in the long run.

"We're going to have room for expansion for more firefighters in the future whenever that might occur," he said. "Coming in and out of the station is going to be a lot safer at the new location than here at the busy intersection. It'd be a better environment for the employees and we're looking forward to it."

Construction crews began building the new station this past summer. Albright said the roughly $3 million project is expected to be done in August and that is when the firefighters plan to move in. It will be about twice the size of the current station.