Piece of past, old class ring discovered at Brownwood High School


BROWNWOOD - A 49-year-old ring appeared in the back of an old desk at Brownwood High School. The ring was from the class of 1965 and no one knew how it made its way to the desk.

The ring was so old and dirty the initials could not be read so Assistant Principal Andy Gill took the ring to Nathan's Jeweler to get it cleaned.

"It looked like fake metal, it was bad," Gill said.

After the ring was cleaned, the initials "JCH" were visible. After narrowing the owner's possibilities down to two, the Facebook alumni page helped. Gill learned the ring belonged to James Harris – and Gill was able to contact Harris' wife that same night.

James Harris passed away in March after working for the Dallas Fire Department for 29 years. While he was attending BHS he was a star athlete in football, basketball and track.

"He was very upbeat, very friendly and smiled all the time and played practical jokes and goof off just having a fun time as a kid," said Jeff Smith, former track teammate and current vice president of Smith and Sharpe Insurance.

"I think it's bizarre that it would be in a desk for that long without somebody having found it or tried to see whose it was or pawned it at the pawn shop or just thrown away with all the rest of the junk, it's pretty amazing," Smith said.

The ring was returned to his daughter Jamie Harris, who was very excited to receive the piece of her father's past.