Klapheke Case: Defense attorney files for change of venue, trial date to be pushed back

Tiffany Klapheke, 23, was arrested in August 2012 after she called 911 and first responders found her toddler – Tamryn – unresponsive on Dyess Air Force Base.She is charged with first-degree felony injury to a child. If convicted, she could be sentenced from five to 99 years – or life – in prison.

ABILENE, Texas - The upcoming trial for a former Dyess Air Force Base wife and mother, who is charged with three felony counts of injury to a child after her toddler died from alleged neglect, could be moved outside of Abilene.

Tiffany Klapheke, 22, was arrested August 28, 2012 after she called first responders to her home on base the day before to report her 22-month-old daughter, Tamryn, was unresponsive. Tamryn was pronounced dead at an hospital. According to an autopsy report, Tamryn died from severe dehydration and malnutrition. The toddler also suffered chemical burns from allegedly being left in her own waste. Tamryn's sisters were temporarily hospitalized for similar injuries.

Klapheke's court-appointed attorney, David Thedford, made a motion Thursday to change the venue of her trial. The trial had been set for July 15; however, the hearing on the change of venue motion will change that. The hearing will take place in late July and the trial could be moved to September or later depending on the outcome of the hearing.

The hearing will take place in the 104 th District Court under Judge Lee Hamilton.

Klapheke's husband, Thomas, was deployed in the when Tiffany was arrested. He filed for divorce in October 2012. According to court records, a final hearing is set for Thursday under Judge Aleta Hacker.