1st biker trial over 2015 Waco shootings set for April


WACO, Texas (AP) - The first trial over a Central Texas gunfight involving rival motorcycle gangs that left nine people dead and more than 150 bikers charged is now set for April, 23 months after the 2015 shootout.

Several charged in the gunfire at a Twin Peaks restaurant have been seeking a speedy trial but one of the judges who will preside over some of the trials, Matt Johnson, says the nearly two-year wait is not unusual for complex cases.

Another judge, Ralph Strother, tells the The Waco Tribune-Herald it's not that Waco courts already had a shortage of cases before the Twin Peaks shootout.

Strother is scheduled to get the first case, set for April 17. The next one follows in June, with seven cases alternating between Strother and Johnson each month.

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