Texas 2-month-old girl dies after mauled by pet dog

Death investigation

SAN MARCOS, Texas (AP) - Investigators say a 2-month-old Central Texas girl has died after being mauled by the family's pet German shepherd at home while her father slept.

San Marcos police say the girl died Tuesday afternoon after suffering numerous animal bites. Her name wasn't immediately released.

Police say the father told investigators that he fell asleep when the child was napping in an infant bouncer. He says he awoke, about 20 minutes later, to find the baby obviously injured and unresponsive. The girl was pronounced dead at a San Marcos hospital.

A city statement Wednesday says the dog will be impounded for at least 10 days, to determine whether to euthanize the animal. The dog has been the family's pet for more than eight years.

San Marcos is 30 miles south of Austin.