Historic Abilene building named to 12 most endangered in Texas


ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene landmark from the 1930s is on a new list of the state's 12 most endangered places by Preservation Texas.

No. 11 on that list is The Abilene Courts on South 11 th Street.

The Abilene Courts was a tourist court, a precursor to the modern motel. Tourist courts sprung up on the country's earliest highways.

The Abilene Courts is located on what was the historic Bankhead Highway, which ran from Washington D.C. to San Diego. The Bankhead was the first transcontinental paved highway to cross the United States.

This building is considered one of the last remaining original tourist courts on the Bankhead.

The Abilene Preservation League tell KTXS News that there‘s some good news: The Abilene Courts have just been purchased by someone who's done preservation work in the past. The Abilene Preservation League nominated the Abilene Courts to the statewide agency that named the endangered structures.