Orlando massacre: The latest in deadly nightclub shooting


Here's a rundown of the latest developments :

Orlando shooter was familiar face at nightclub -}

Photos of victims -}

Mom beats cancer twice, gunned down in club -}

Orlando GoFundMe campaign sets record -}


More news :

The investigation

Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen visited Orlando's Pulse nightclub "multiple times" before Saturday's massacre, according to four regular patrons who talked with the Orlando Sentinel. Meanwhile, investigators pursued a deadly path that led to the Pulse nightclub.

The victims

The names of all 49 victims are now known, and the stories of those lives cut short are beginning to emerge.

The heroes

Amid the tragedy are tales of selflessness and heroism. Trauma surgeons who worked feverishly to save lives. Club-goers fleeing gunfire only to stop and aid shooting victims. A passerby in a pickup truck carrying wounded to a hospital.

The candidates

The presumptive presidential nominees drew sharp contrasts Monday, each responding to the mass shooting on morning television shows and in previously scheduled campaign events.

The President

President Obama will travel to Orlando on Thursday, to pay his respects to victims' families. On Monday, the President called the "devastating attack" an example of "homegrown extremism."

The outpouring

Candlelight vigils, blood donation drives and social media gestures are just some of the ways the world is paying tribute to the victims of the weekend massacre in Orlando.

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