Report: Dogs tore large chunks of flesh from homeless vet


DALLAS (AP) - A report on the fatal mauling of a Dallas woman last month shows that a pack of dogs tore large chunks of flesh off the 52-year-old homeless Army veteran and identifies more than a dozen shortcomings that indicate how much the city needs to do to address loose canines.

The Dallas Morning News reports Antoinette Brown's death May 2 revealed deficiencies including major communication breakdowns between Dallas Animal Services and police.

Police who responded to 911 calls May 2 about the mauling couldn't locate the dogs. The city's 79-page report states that animal services didn't learn of the attack until May 5.

Bone was exposed on one arm and a large portion of Brown's right thigh was gone. A doctor told Brown's family she had at least 100 bites.

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