War Hawks Win Twice at NCCAA National Championships


MOBILE, Alabama - McMurry University men's tennis entered the 2014 National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) national championship tournament with a goal of improving upon last year's third place finish. On Day 1 of the event, the War Hawks (12-11) took two huge steps in that direction at the Copeland-Cox Tennis Center. McM won both of its pool play matches on Tuesday, defeating Campbellsville University (5-1) and Indiana Wesleyan University (5-0). Campbellsville was ranked No. 22 in the most recent NAIA national poll. The War Hawks - having already assured themselves of a berth in the championship round on Thursday by clinching a top-two spot in pool play - will play for the No. 1 seed from their group when they face Palm Beach Atlantic University on Wednesday (9 a.m.). PBA is ranked No. 44 in the nation in NCAA II and also went 2-0 on Day One, defeating IWU (5-1) and Campbellsville (5-0). In both of its victories, McM got a boost from its strong doubles play. The War Hawks jumped out to 3-0 leads in both matches by not losing any doubles bouts in either match. Versus Campbellsville in the morning match, No. 1 doubles team of and defeated Sebastian Marot and Zach Baulch, 8-6. At No. 2 doubles, McMurry's duo of and topped Alejandro Soriano and Noah Swencki, also by an 8-6 score. McM's and had no trouble dispatching the Tigers' tandem of Parker Jones and Johan Fuzellier, 8-2. That meant the War Hawks needed just two singles wins to clinch the match. CU won at No. 2 singles for its lone point, but McMurry got straight-set wins from Steblein at No. 3 and Rico at No. 5 to salt away the match. After battling the heat in the 90-plus degree weather, McM head coach decided to try to give a few of his players a chance to recover and juggle his lineup versus IWU. The result was much the same as McMurry dominated the Wildcats, starting with doubles. Breaux and Rico won for the team-leading 12th time at No. 1. At No. 2 doubles, Steblein and Mendes moved up and won an 8-3 victory over Adam Wroughton and Danel Smith. and were inserted into the No. 3 doubles slot and stepped up with a crucial 8-4 win, again putting the War Hawks two singles wins away from the team victory. At No. 2 singles, Breaux was leading Brandon Dubuque, 5-1, when the IWU player was forced to retire from the match with a leg injury to make the team count, 4-0. The clincher came from Rico at No. 5 singles, defeating Adam Wroughton, 6-1, 6-3. The win gave Rico a team-leading 19th (19-4) singles win this season. McMurry University 5, #22 Campbellsville University 1 May 06, 2014 at Mobile, Ala. (Copeland-Cox Tennis Center)

Singles competition 1. (MCMMT) vs. #48 Alejandro Soriano (CU) 2-6, 3-4, unfinished 2. Sebastian Marot (CU) def. (MCMMT) 6-3, 7-5 3. (MCMMT) def. Johan Fuzellier (CU) 6-3, 6-4 4. (MCMMT) vs. Parker Jones (CU) 5-7, 5-2, unfinished 5. (MCMMT) def. Zach Baulch (CU) 6-4, 7-5 6. (MCMMT) vs. Eduardo Mendoza (CU) 6-2, 4-4, unfinished

Doubles competition 1. / (MCMMT) def. Sebastian Marot/Zach Baulch (CU) 8-6 2. / (MCMMT) def. Alejandro Soriano/Noah Swencki (CU) 8-6 3. / (MCMMT) def. Parker Jones/Johan Fuzellier (CU) 8-2

Match Notes Campbellsville University 14-9; National ranking #22 McMurry University 11-11; Regional ranking #8 National Christian College Athletic Association Championships- pool play round

McMurry University 5, Indiana Wesleyan University 0 May 06, 2014 at Mobile, Ala. (Copeland-Cox Tennis Center)

Singles competition 1. (MCMMT) vs. #28 Kyle Johnson (IWU) 5-4, unfinished 2. (MCMMT) def. Brandon Dubuque (IWU) 5-1, retired 3. (MCMMT) vs. Leonard Matthews (IWU) 6-3, 4-1, unfinished 4. (MCMMT) vs. Danel Smith (IWU) 6-2, 4-0, unfinished 5. (MCMMT) def. Adam Wroughton (IWU) 6-1, 6-3 6. (MCMMT) vs. Kamen Tabor (IWU) 6-3, 4-0, unfinished

Doubles competition 1. / (MCMMT) def. Kyle Johnson/Brandon Dubuque (IWU) 8-5 2. / (MCMMT) def. Adam Wroughton/Danel Smith (IWU) 8-3 3. / (MCMMT) def. Leonard Matthews/Kamen Tabor (IWU) 8-4

Match Notes Indiana Wesleyan University 13-11 McMurry University 12-11; Regional ranking #8 National Christian College Athletic Association Championships- pool play round

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