Cooper gets spring ball underway


ABILENE, Texas - It's that time of the year again: Spring football.

"I'm so excited to be back out here, first day of spring ball, " said Cooper Junior Guard Hunter Hawkins. "It's wonderful and I'm ready to get after it."

The Cougars advanced to Regionals in 5A Division 2 last season, and they'll look to their 24 returning varsity players to get them back. "Nothing can take away from experience and we have quite a few guys who have experience," said Head Coach Todd Moebes. "Whether they are returning starters, played backup roles, or played on special teams, they've been under those Friday night lights before."

"Experience is one of the main factors that can be detrimental and very helpful, in having a good season, winning season." added Hawkins. "All these guys coming back with the experience is definitely gonna help."

The biggest question for the Cougars coming into spring ball, though, is at quarterback.

"We've got several guys that have had great off seasons and during our athletic period we were able to throw the ball around a little bit and I think all of them have improved greatly, and so we'll see who steps up and takes over that roll this spring." said Moebes.

"We're all close [and] we all like each other," stressed Junior quarterback David Ruot on the competition. "It's just one of those things that we go out and compete, and it makes us, each one of us better.

There are five Cougars fighting for the quarterback spot. Whoever earns it, though, will have big shoes to fill. The new starter will have to replace Texas bound Lorenzo Joe. In 2013, Joe threw for over 1,800 yards, ran for over 1,600 yards and scored 35 total touchdown.

"When it comes down to it, we challenge these guys." said Moebes. "Who wants it the most, who's gonna study the film the most, and make the little bitty detailed improvements. That's [what it's] gonna take to be the quarterback on Friday nights."

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