A new decade for the Champions Classic


ABILENE, TX - High School football season is just under a month a way, and Friday, an announcement was made regarding one of Abilene's football traditions, the Champions Classic.

The Classic is celebrating ten years this season, and had members of Abilene Sports Alliance reveal some new changes to the event.. Among them include a dance cam, which is much like the Texas Rangers kiss cam, but for dancing. Abilene and Cooper's dance teams will teach an Action Zone Champions Classic dance to fans, that will be performed at each game.

Also, the Classic will not only donate scholarship funds to local players, but offer one thousand dollar scholarships to a player from each out of town school for their participation. Cooper, Abilene, Brock, Brady, and Colleyville Heritage will be this years classic teams that feature games August 28th-30th at Shotwell Stadium. For Eagles head coach Steve Warren, the Classic has become a marquee event.