Ashton Endsley: Running, Racing, Winning


ABILENE, TX - Rhythm, breathing, and timing are all of the things that Ashton Endsley thinks about when doing what she loves, which is running.

Endsley is a rising senior at Abilene High, and she has always had a love for the sports of track and field and cross country.

Endsley said she joined in on high school practices when she was still only in middle school, " but the summer before 2nd grade I started running and I did it at home, I did it at Cool Runnings. I mean it was just a lot of fun."

She's gone above and beyond to perfect her skill and talents, and it shows. She has been to five state meets, medaled twice, and competed in a number of meets across the country, including her most recent trip to Seattle for the PR Brooks Invitational. A race only 13 girls in the nation were invited to.

"it wasn't the race I had hoped for" said Endsley, "I wanted to place better and have a better time but it kind of helped me to learn what to redo and what to work harder on."

Despite the result in Seattle, her High School Coach, Rosemary Martin, said it was still a major accomplishment. "You know we talked about it, it's something she has done that no one in Abilene has ever done."

Any athlete can get nervous jitters, and for Endsley, she's very familiar with that feeling, but it's not a bad thing, she says its normal. "If I'm not nervous I think it would be a little bit bad." And her coach agrees, "we always know just take that deep breath, calm yourself down, when the gun goes off, she knows what to do."

Endsley still has one year left of high school, and she's feeling the pressure of what's next after graduation. But one thing is for sure, running must be included. "I have no idea where I want to go, trying to keep my options open."

With such a successful year, Endsley and Coach Martin have raised the expectations for her final season. And while college is soon approaching, Endsley has set the bar even higher than collegiate racing.

When asked about racing in the Olympics, she answered with one very enthusiastic word, "yes!"

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