City of Abilene: 2-3 hours of water left; Eliminate all non-essential use immediately

The City of Abilene said water customers have two to three hours of treated water capacity remaining at current consumption levels.

"Immediate curtailment of consumption is needed," said the City. "Do not use water unless you are using it to drink or cook."

The water shortage was created by power outages "across the water system."

The City is asking people to not take baths or showers or use water for any non-life sustaining uses.

The City said it has contacted State emergency management and is working on providing water trucks for drinking purposes in the event water service cannot be restored.

"We are also working with AEP to restore power as soon as possible," said the City.

The City of Abilene also provides water to the City’s of Merkel, Tye, Clyde, Baird, Tuscola, Hawley, Buffalo Gap, and the rural areas surrounding Abilene. The request also applies to those areas.

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