2 Brownwood teens accused of burglarizing homes, stealing guns


    BROWNWOOD, Texas - The last thing law enforcement says they want on the streets are illegal guns, especially assault rifles.

    Police eased those concerns Thursday with the arrest of two teens who are accused of breaking into homes and stealing guns, including an AK-47 and an AR15.

    "Obviously, we have those concerns, and the type of weapons that are stolen is very concerning," Sgt. James Kidd of the Brownwood Police Department said on Friday.

    One of the teens arrested was 18-year-old Nicholas Johnson, while the other suspect is considered a juvenile and police won't be releasing his/her identity.

    BPD said gun thefts have been consistent all year.

    Back in August, KTXS reported on 17 guns being stolen from a Brown County home. While authorities said Friday they haven't found any connections with the two cases, Weakly Watson Sporting Goods in Early recommends people purchase gun safes.

    "If they think about it, it's only the cost of one of their guns, one of these safes," Roland Pruett said. "If you get say a safe that's a $1,000, a lot of guns are a $1,000."

    Pruett said gun cabinets are only good for keeping firearms away from kids.

    Brownwood police said this investigation is ongoing and could lead to more arrests.

    "We're looking at other burglaries that we're hoping to recover stolen property from," Kidd said.

    The two teens are facing charges of burglary of habitation and theft of firearm.

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