3,500 fire hydrants to be opened this month in Abilene as part of testing


ABILENE, Texas - As part of the Abilene Fire Department's yearly hydrant testing, 3,500 hydrants will be opened for 60 to 90 seconds.

The testing is beginning this week and will continue throughout October.

The idea?

To make sure they work before they're really needed and to clean out the lines.

"That water's gonna get stagnant," said Lt. Mike Miller, fire department spokesman. "It's gonna be brown. So we're going to flush it till it's clear again."

Miller said some Abilenians will see a little bit of brown in their tap water.

"But if they'll just be patient and let that run for a little bit, it should clear up in a matter of seconds," Miller said.

Fire officials say they're attempting to test the hydrants during off hours to cut down on the impact for residents.

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