4-time convicted sex offender indicted for indecency with a child

Â?Justin Ryan Rondot

A convicted sex offender was indicted Thursday for allegedly pleasuring himself while watching a group of young boys.ABILENE, Texas -

Justin Ryan Rondot, 28, remains in Taylor County Jail on an indecency with a child charge. His bond was set at $75,000.

Rondot has four previous convictions in 2013 for indecent exposure, all involving adult women. He must register as a sex offender until 2025 as a result.


According to court documents, on June 25, Rondot parked his truck on EN 13th Street near where a 10-year-old boy was playing with his brother and two friends.

The victim walked up to Rondot’s truck and saw him “playing with himself.”

The boy ran and got his mom who also witnessed the same thing. When Rondot saw the boy’s mom, he drove off.

Mom then saw the same truck park at a house down the street. The driver got out of his truck and pulled up his pants on his way inside.

The truck described by the victim and his mom is registered to Rondot. He lives a block away from the alleged incident.

When questioned by police, Rondot denied the allegations. He claimed “the neighborhood was trying to set him up.”

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