Abilene boy to be featured in NYC's Times Square


ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene boy is about to hit it big in New York City -- his picture is going to be featured on the jumbotron in Times Square as part of the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk..

Zeke Morales is only two, so he doesn't realize he's about to be featured on a giant screen in one of the world's busiest places. But his parents sure are proud.

"I guess they liked his smile," said Monica Morales, Zeke's mother.

His mom submitted the photo in May and recently got an email saying Zeke's picture was selected out of 2,000 photos entered.

"It said, 'Congratulations. You've been chosen,' and I was like oh my goodness," Morales said.

This year, 400 photos of people with Down syndrome will be featured in the Times Square video presentation that recognizes the milestones and contributions of people with Down syndrome. The buddy walk also promotes awareness and acceptance of those with Down syndrome.

Zeke also has limited hearing. His parents communicate with him through sign language.

"Oh, he's just really friendly," said Jerry Morales, Zeke's father. "He doesn't know a stranger. If you give him a chance to get to know you a little bit, he's just all over you."

Now they're trying to raise money to make the trip to New York City so they can see Zeke's big debut in person on September 16. They're also saving to get him a cochlear implant to help his hearing.

"He's just Zeke," his mother said. "We get all the time [people] just instantly fall in love and everybody he meets they just want to take him home, and we're ready to share his smile with everybody else as well."

Buddy walks will take place in cities across the country. Abilene will hold its 6th annual buddy walk also on September 16. That will be held at Beltway Park South.

You can help the Morales family make the trip to New York City by clicking HERE.

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