Abilene church considers security after Sutherland Springs shooting


ABILENE, Texas - After the worst mass shooting in Texas history was carried out Sunday in a place of worship, an Abilene pastor explained how security measures are being reconsidered at Southwest Park Baptist Church.

For nearly 33 years, Senior Pastor Mike Woodard has always thought of church as a safe place.

"I never dreamed that we would be faced with these kind of situations, but the world we live in is becoming more challenging," Woodard said.

After hearing about the shooting, Woodard started brainstorming on how to keep his church safe. He explained that security procedures are necessary when it comes to keeping the congregation safe.

"Security is a difficult thing in life of the Church because our doors are open and we intend to be inclusive," Woodard said. "Yet at the same time, you know, there are some practical things that come as a responsibility, and that's to protect those who are here in the building. We have some informal strategies, but I'm certain that in the next little while we 'll be reviewing all of those kinds of things to try to help maintain protection here in the auditorium."

Woodard said he has a few plans in mind to increase security and surveillance on the property, but didn't want details made public.

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