Abilene house fire leaves $30,000 in damages


ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Fire Department was called back to a home on Saturday after a fire happened early in the morning. According to the fire department, when firefighters arrived at the scene around 4 a.m. they saw heavy smoke coming from the home.

Eight people were inside the home at the time of the fire which included Marie Scroggins' daughter and six grandchildren. Scroggins and her daughter went back to look at the damage when she noticed smoke inside the home. Her daughter called the fire department.

Scroggins said her daughter was woken up by one of her neighbors.

"God sent that angel because that man knocked on the door and said, 'ma'am your house is on fire, your house is on fire,'" Scroggins said.

The south Abilene home was filled with ashes and damages totaling $30,000 according to the fire department. The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical.

Scroggins said at this time her grandkids are in need of clothes because they lost almost everything in the fire. She said one of their neighbors gave the kids pajamas and bought them donuts and kolaches for breakfast.

"They need clothes, anything," Scroggins said. "They would be very appreciative. We're not picky and we're blessed with what we got and what we get."

Right now, Scroggins said they will take some time to process what happened and starting Monday, they'll begin to figure out what they can do. She also said she's thankful that her daughter and her six grandchildren are safe.

"We're close and so it's like if there's one down, we're all down so we're gonna pull it together," Scroggins said.

Firefighters could not confirm why additional smoke was seen coming from inside the home hours after the fire was put out.

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