Abilene ISD school board member Stan Lambert wins Texas House seat


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene ISD school board member Stan Lambert won the election to represent District 71 in the Texas House of Representatives Tuesday.

Lambert, running as a Republican, defeated Democrat Pierce LoPachin with a final tally of 44,245 votes to 10,614.

Lambert will give up his seat on the school board to assume his role in the Texas House. AISD previously announced that they were taking applications to fill his seat for his term, pending the outcome of Tuesday's election.

LoPachin said he partially expected the outcome of the race.

"A Democrat has not won this office in 32 years, so I'm trying to be realistic and expect a defeat," LoPachin said Tuesday evening ahead of poll numbers being released.

Lambert said the election was a long trek to get to Tuesday's victory.

"I'm just ecstatic and so thankful again for all the people who went out and voted in this election," Lambert said from his election party Cypress Street Station in downtown Abilene. "I know it's been a long twelve months of starting this process and going through the campaigning, going through the primary, and then reaching this point."

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