Abilene roofing company replaces woman's roof free of charge


Christmas arrived early for one Abilene woman. She got her roof replaced for free. The woman couldn't afford to replace her roof, so the owner of Fat Matt Roofing decided not to charge her. Roofers started working on the north Abilene home early Saturday morning to replace the roof of a disabled woman’s home. The woman called them for an estimate not knowing how much it would turn out to be. The owner at Fat Matt Roofing, Mat Smith said the damage was beyond just one simple repair. ABILENE, Texas -

"One of our guys came to us and said, ‘Matt this lady needs her roof replaced but she can't afford it’ so whenever he came and said that we just knew we had to help her out," Smith said.   He said they first saw the home two weeks before they started to work on it and he said him and his team felt like they had to do something. The woman wanted to do a payment plan but Matt kindly declined. “We decided that the repairs and the roof replacement would cost more then what would be affordable for her, and so we decided that rather than trying to do a payment plan or something that would be affordable, the best thing for her would be for us to just replace it completely for free," Smith said. Matt said it was a team effort. His company's shingle manufacturer and their supply house donated the materials needed for the job. "We really love taking care of our neighbors and anything we can do to help out we love to do it," Smith said.  

Their goal was to finish the roof before Christmas, but Smith said it would be completed the same day.  

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