Anson ready for jump to Class 3A


ANSON, Texas - At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, a new chapter in Anson will start.

Numbers released by the University Interscholastic League in early December show the Tigers will move from Class 2A to Class 3A for athletic and academic competitions.

Anson's enrollment of 227 barely pushed them over the cut-off number of 225 to jump up a classification.

"I was banking on a 3A schedule, and I was trying to jinx myself just a little bit, but I didn't quite get that done," Anson athletic director and head football coach Chris Hagler said.

The change means the Tigers will go from being a large school by enrollment in Class 2A, to the smallest school in 3A.

Anson, Reagan County and Ganado each submitted enrollments of 227 to the UIL.

The Tigers will compete against different schools than they have been used to, and will compete in Division II of 3A for football, which has an enrollment range of 225-334.

Possible district opponents for football include Coleman, Cisco, Bangs and Merkel.

"All we can do from a coaching standpoint is guess, and that's the fun of it," said Hagler of trying to figure out the Tigers' new districts.

Sports other than football do not use divisions to chop up the classifications, so those teams could be grouped in districts with different schools than football, and with schools with enrollments as large as 504.

"More times than not, moving up is going to hurt your spring sports," said Hagler, who noted this is his first time in 19 years as a coach to be at school that will move up during realignment.

Hagler, who just finished his fourth season as head coach, has already planned out his non-district football schedule for the next two years. Barring any unforeseen conflicts, he expects the Tigers to play Hamlin, Clyde, Stamford, Albany and Hawley in non-district.

"Obviously we haven't gone down in competition because each one of those schools are historically good programs."

The UIL will release the football districts for the next two seasons in February.

"I embrace the fact that we're 3A. Let's get it."

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