Auto body shop in Zephyr finds 5 pounds of marijuana hidden inside vehicle


ZEPHYR, Texas - An auto body shop in Zephyr didn't expect the vehicle it purchased at an auction would come with a hidden compartment.

But when they looked inside the used Chevy Tahoe, they found nearly five pounds of marijuana.

"I got a call from a (Department of Public Safety) trooper saying, 'hey, there's these guys who bought three cars from an auction in Austin. But they got one of the cars...and found a brick of marijuana,'" Carlyle Gover, a Brown County Sheriff's investigator, said.


Frontier Paint and Body discovered the marijuana on Dec. 20 as they were preparing the Tahoe for resell, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office.

Gover said the marijuana came from Mexico and weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces. 

"I never seen anything like that when it's seized," Gover said. "We usually don't get it like that, so tightly wrapped. When we seize weed, it has been threw some hands."

Border patrol seized 65 pounds of marijuana in June from the Tahoe after a canine detected it, according to Gover. But they missed the brick hidden inside.

"It was in that vehicle from the point when the dealers hid it, up until it reached the border," Gover said. 

He chose not to identify the law enforcement agency that missed the drugs in its search, other then they're located in southwest Texas.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office is planning to destroy the marijuana.

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