Bangs police investigating teen for attempted murder


BROWNWOOD, Texas - A Bangs teenager was arrested in connection to an attempted murder investigation. 

Sebastian Lattig, 18, was arrested last week by Bangs police for online solicitation of a minor and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, according to Brown County Jail records.

He bonded out of jail on Dec. 22.

A December grand jury indicted him on those two charges, despite the fact police told KTXS their original charge against Lattig was conspiracy to commit murder.

"There's still a lot of facts that need to come out, and still a lot of investigative facts that we have at the office that need to be verified," Bangs Police Department Spokesman Sgt. Michael Isbell said on Thursday.

Isbell said the attempted murder investigation began in July when they received a call for a welfare check.

"Some parents were concerned with their juvenile daughter and the people she was having contact with," Isbell said.

Their underage daughter is Lattig's girlfriend, according to police. 

Court documents obtained from the 35th Judicial District Clerk's Office state Lattig tried getting his girlfriend to help him kill someone. But, he then attempted to destroy that evidence when police began their investigation.

Lattig, who now lives in Brownwood, declined speaking to KTXS on camera. But, he said the case is being overblown.

"Whether or not it's overblown, depends on how he wants to look at it. But the evidence itself gave us reason to go ahead and conduct an investigation," Sgt. Isbell said.

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