Big County couple says AT&T Stadium mistreated their handicapped daughter


COLEMAN,Texas - The Dallas Cowboys may have lost some die-hard fans from the Big Country who say they were mistreated by the staff at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Michael Walters, of Coleman, and his family were at the venue Saturday to watch his son's pee-wee football game. But, he said the stadium's staff ruined the experience.

"I'm shaking, it was so embarrassing," Walters said in a Facebook video he posted shortly after the game, which as of Tuesday had 23,000 views.

He said the staff was rude and unaccommodating to his 5-year-old daughter who is confined to a wheelchair.

"It made us feel like we didn't matter, like we was in their way, like she's handicapped she don't need to be down there," Walters said. "And that's a terrible feeling because she deserves to be with everybody."

Walters said his bad experience began at the parking lot when employees told him he couldn't bring the wheelchair into AT&T Stadium.

After he told them his daughter couldn't walk, they wouldn't let his daughter sit close to the field. He said they made his daughter and wife sit in a section at the very top of the stadium.

"There was no emotion, no sympathy, like I'm sorry this is happening. Let me try to make this better," his wife Codi said.

The Walters consider themselves loyal Cowboys fans, but after what happened Saturday, Michael said he didn't watch Sunday's game versus the New York Giants.

"It's the first game I missed in over 20 something years," he said.

But he and his wife said the issue is bigger than AT&T Stadium.

"It ain't for the attention, it ain't for the money. It's to show families it's all right to stand up for their kids," Michael Walters said.

The Walters said they already complained to the Cowboys about their experience, but have not received a response from them.

KTXS made repeated attempts to speak with the Cowboys and the AT&T Stadium's staff of public relations, and left several voicemails, but did not receive a response before the story aired Tuesday.

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