Records: Brown County game warden fired for sending nude photos, racist text messages


BROWNWOOD, Texas - An internal investigation by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department revealed a Brown County game warden was sending nude photos and racist text messages over a period of two years.

The agency began investigating David Bosecker in May after a "friendly acquaintance" filed a complaint against him. Bosecker spent nine years as the game warden stationed in Brownwood before getting fired in July.

KTXS filed an open records request and obtained copies of Bosecker's employment records on Wednesday showing an internal affairs investigation that uncovered disturbing behavior.

TPWD discovered that Bosecker was sending images that were "sexually explicit and derogatory in nature towards those other ethnicities, specifically African Americans," according to the report.

Bosecker declined to comment to KTXS on the report and his lawyer was not available on Thursday for comment.

Most of the images were too graphic to publish, but in some he's mocking black people who were raised in single parent households and compared President Obama to a chimpanzee.

The internal investigation also revealed Bosecker would describe Hispanics using a derogatory term and shared images that were "racist and detrimental" to Jewish people.

Bosecker was confronted by his superiors about the inappropriate text messages. But, he told the agency those photos and messages were sent to him by other game wardens and officers.

According to a letter he submitted responding to the allegations, Bosecker said he never discriminated against any person during his career as a peace officer. He also said his messages were not intended to offend.

Despite his response, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department found fault and terminated Bosecker on July 7 for violating their orders of conduct, integrity, and private life.

The agency concluded its report by stating that the messages created a negative perception not only for TPWD but also for Bosecker affecting "his credibility as an officer to be fair and impartial to all others."

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