Busch Jewelers in Abilene going out of business after 73 years


After more than seven decades Abilene's Busch Jewelers is closing its doors.

The store opened in 1944 with Frank Fite managing the chain store.

The original Busch Jewelers opened in 1880 in New Jersey. During the 1960s, Fite became the sole owner and eventually handed the business to his son Don Fite, who has decided to retire after Busch's 73 years of business.

"I've been here since I was 14," said Fite. "I'm dealing with third and even fourth generation now."

Through the years Fite said they have developed friendships with their clients who came in for purchases or repairs.

"The industry has changed quite a bit," he said. "It's a situation where the buying habits of the public have changed."

So Busch Jewelers is closing its doors in an effort to "come out on top" before people's buying habits after the bottom line - profits.

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