City of Abilene asks for help planning longterm future for ABI


ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene is reaching out to the community for ideas on improving the Abilene Regional Airport as it puts together a 20-year master plan.

They held an open house at the airport Wednesday evening to get feedback.

Pilot Jed Taylor has been flying in and out ABI for about two years now. He attended the open house to share some of his ideas.

"The people here are friendly," Taylor said. "The airport itself is a great airport. I love flying out of here. It's just really expensive for some pilots."

That's why he wants more competition. He said for passengers, he'd like to see another airline. He said a second fixed-base operator would be good for pilots. He said right now, Abilene Aero is the only FBO providing fuel and maintenance.

"They can charge more for basic services because they're the only game in town," Taylor said. "I'd love to see a second FBO or at the very least some self-serve fuel and other services on the field."

At the open house other members of the community wrote their ideas down on Post-it notes.

"You reach a point where you need a new set of eyes, and the people who are using the airport on a frequent basis, they have ideas," said Don Green, Abilene's director of transportation services.

Taylor said he hopes the feedback will make ABI even better, and perhaps more affordable.

"I think it's a really smart thing to do," Taylor said. "I think getting community involvement early rather than doing things and having the community shout at them is a really good idea."

You can find out more about the master plan and how to give your input here.

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