Fake City of Abilene Facebook page removed, unclear who took it down


ABILENE, Texas - A fake City of Abilene Facebook page has been taken down.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Facebook or those associated with the page removed it, but a visit to the web address shows: "This page isn't available."

The page, deemed bad by the city and funny by others, obtained hundreds of followers during its three-day run.


Sunday evening, the administrator of the fake Facebook page changed the profile photo to one with a red triangle over the middle of the City of Abilene's logo.

KTXS contacted the administrator and they declined to comment.

The City of Abilene initially threatened to take legal action.

"You can't use the city's logo and so we're going to pursue that," said City Manager Robert Hanna.

KTXS has reached out to the city to find out if it still plans to take legal action now that the page is gone.

Previous story:

The City of Abilene is asking people to report a fake Facebook page that is "impersonating the City of Abilene."

City of AbiLene, with the capital letter "l," was created Friday. Since then it has made several inflammatory posts.


One of them claims the city has agreed to help pay for a mosque to be built on Highway 351. In the comment section, the fake page states "We would like to clear things up everyone. You all voted on this earlier this year and it passed."

Two other posts mention the city's streets which a consultant called the worst he's ever seen and estimated it will cost $377 million to fix them.

"We at the city have noticed a rise in complaints about our wonderful roads. Although we currently do not have the funds to repair our streets we do have a way that you all can help. Swing by and pick up some gravel and help us fill in these potholes! We will not charge you for the gravel, it is free!!!"

That got people - who did not realize the page is fake - fired up.

"Or you could actually do yall's job for once and fix them," said Johnny Lee.

" Why can't the City get the gravel and drive around and waist their gas and fill in the pot holes?," asked Doug Beard.

The page owner appears to be making fun of people who are falling for the fake page by posting a meme of Carolina Panther's running back Jonathan Stewart falling backwards into the endzone after a 60-yard touchdown run on Sunday.

KTXS contacted the city about the fake Facebook page. It does not find anything funny about it.

"We want to be clear that this page is a fake page and anything that has been posted or shared from the page is not from the City of Abilene and is not reflective of our values," said spokesperson Alaisha Montanez.

The city has reported the page to Facebook and is asking you do the same thing.

"The City Manager intends on pursuing copyright infringement and any other legal redress the city can pursue," Montanez said.

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