City of Abilene receives $18.37 million for smart water meters


ABILENE, Texas - Smart water meters are one step closer to coming to Abilene.

The Texas Water Development Board agreed to loan the city $18.37 million for the meter replacement program.

"These meters allow us to go back and actually look and verify you know exactly when water was used," said Director of Water Utilities Rodney Taylor. "We will have an hour by hour record." Last year, hundreds of residents complained about high water bills and said the city workers were not checking their meters. Smart water meters will eliminate city workers who check the meters monthly. Taylor said the 43,000 smart meters they plan to get will prevent that from happening again. However, this project is not finalized because it must be approved by Abilene City Council. Taylor said council could decide as early as February. "It will take a final decision from the council on whether we actually accept these funds and move forward with the project," Rodney said.

If the council accepts the loan, there will be a cost passed on to residents, but the amount has not been determined. The city could start installing smart meters as early as March or April of 2018.

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