Documents: Murder suspect admitted to killing 41-year-old Abilene man


SAN ANGELO, Texas - New court documents from Tom Green County reveal that a suspect accused of killing the missing Abilene man admitted to committing the murder by shooting him in the head.

According to court documents, 60-year-old Garry Lynn Jennings of Glenn Heights told deputies that his son, Stephen, had told him that he performed acts that "caused the death of the victim by shooting the victim in the head with a firearm."

Autopsy reports stated a single gunshot wound to the head killed Torrez.

Jennings was one of five people arrested in connection with the death of 41-year-old Eric Torrez .

Stephen Lynn Jennings, 34 of San Angelo, initially contacted Torrez asking him to place a bid for a construction job as a "ploy to lure" him to 7481 Duckworth Road in San Angelo, according to court documents.

Stephen Lynn Jennings lives in that home with his wife Kristen Anne Jennings. She's the mother of Torrez's two children and Torrez's ex-girlfriend.

The documents alleged there was a ploy to get Torrez out of Abilene, so that Kristen Anne Jennings could go to his home and gain "physical possession over a female juvenile who is the daughter.'"

Numerous phone calls took place between the three Jennings about the murder victim. Text messages were also sent between the three and Angella Wray about the "ploy to gain possession of the female juvenile."


Wray was arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity-murder.

According to court documents, Kristen Anne Jennings texted Stephen Lynn Jennings that "she had followed everything 'y'all' told me to do."

Text messages also revealed that Torrez was being held against his will at the Jennings's home in "an attempt to gain information on the location of the female juvenile."

Court documents also alleged that Stephen Lynn Jennings texted murder suspect David Navarro stating "the dudes on his way" and "I'm freaking out" and "I don't know what to do" and "I really need to talk to you."

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Four more individuals have been charged in the murder of a 41-year-old Abilene man.

The body of Eric Torrez, 41, was found Friday eight miles south of Barnhart .

A day after 34-year-old Stephen Jennings was charged with murder , the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday that David Navarro has been charged with murder after being arrested in Presidio County.

Also arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity-murder were:

*- Kristen Dean Jennings , Torrez's ex-girlfriend,

*- Garry Lynn Jennings , Kristen Jennings' father-in-law,

*- Angella Wray

Stephen Jennings is married to Kristen Jennings.




The investigation into Torrez's death is continuing.

"Upon completion of the investigation, additional information will be released on the murder of Eric Torrez," the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office said in a news release Wednesday.

Stephen Jennings

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A murder charge has been filed against one of the three suspects in the case of an Abilene man who was found dead near Barnhart.

Stephen Jennings, 34, of San Angelo was charged with murder Tuesday. He was already in custody for tampering with evidence with intent to impair, according to the Tom Green County Jail log. His bond has been set $500,000.

Eric Torrez, 41, was reported missing July 24. He was last seen three days earlier. He was headed to San Angelo to bid on a contract. His body was found Friday eight miles south of Barnhart. The autopsy was completed Monday.

Torrez' ex-girlfriend, Kristen Anne Dean Jennings, 28, of San Angelo, along with her husband Stephen and her father-in-law Garry Lynn Jennings, 60, of Glenn Heights, were all arrested July 28.

Kristen Jennings is charged with burglary of a habitation. Garry Jennings is charged with tamper or fabricate with physical evidence with intent to impair.

Tom Green County Sheriff David Jones says a trial is scheduled Wednesday for protective custody of Jennings' children.

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