Voters pass $45 million Wylie ISD bond


ABILENE, Texas - Taylor County voters passed a $45 million bond proposal for the Wylie Independent School District Tuesday.

With all vote centers reporting, 1,735 voted in favor of the bond while 765 voted against.

The unofficial result mirrors the early voting numbers and means the school district will be able to go ahead with its plans to expand. The votes will be canvassed by Taylor County commissioners at a later date.

Sixty-nine percent of voters ended up approving the bond.

Superintendent Joey Light said schools are already full, and the number of students continues to grow.

To get ready for that growth, they're already building a new elementary school. Now it'll be expanded, and a middle school will be built next door near Maple Street and Colony Hill Road.

"It is a little bit of a relief to be honest with you, and we're really happy the voters in our district saw things the same way we did," Light said.

The school district paid for phase one of the elementary school.

The bond will pay for phase two of the elementary school and a middle school.


While ballots from Tuesday's general election are still being collected in Taylor County, early voters were mostly in favor a $45 million bond proposal for the Wylie Independent School District to expand in the future.

With 1,815 votes cast and 10 of 20 voting centers reporting, 1,304 were in favor and 511 were opposed to the bond, according to the Taylor County Elections Office.

KTXS will update this article throughout the night with the latest poll numbers.

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Texans can exercise their right to vote by hitting the polls on Election Day Tuesday. Besides seven constitutional amendments, Wylie voters will decide on whether to pass a Wylie Independent School District $45 million bond proposal.

The district wants to use those funds for two projects: the construction of the new Wylie East Junior High to house its 5th-8th graders and to finish building Wylie East Elementary School.

"In nine years it looks like we're going to have an additional 2,000 kids is what the demographer is looking at," said Wylie ISD Superintendent Joey Light.

According to the district, demographers list Wylie ISD among the top 20 fastest school districts in Texas.

For Light, these expansion projects represent preparing for that growth and staying in front of it. Since 1992, the district has passed two bond elections with the most recent in 2015, according to a press release.

If voters approve the bond proposal, a property owner with a home valued at $100,000 will pay $139 a year in taxes. That comes out to an average of $12 a month.

Bill Taylor has owned his home in the Abilene neighborhood of Wylie for nearly 20 years. While he understands people vote with their pocket, he supports Wylie ISD's bond proposal.

"I'm totally behind it," Taylor said. "Even though I don't have children...I think education is one of the most important gifts you can give to a child these days."

While Superintendent Light is hopeful the bond will pass, they're prepared if it doesn't.

"If the bond does not pass, we'll do the best with what we've got," Light said.

There were 2,307 people who participated during early voting, according to the Taylor County Elections Office. Polls across Taylor County will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

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