From Snyder to Hollywood: Theater program grooms actors


    SNYDER, Texas - A small town in West Texas has made a name for itself in the theater community in both the Lone Star State and Hollywood.

    Several well known actors call Snyder home. Powers Boothe from Tombstone and Deadwood, Kevin Alejandro who stars in the series Lucifer, Barry Tubb from Top Gun and Brad Maule on General Hospital.

    "One of the things we say at Snyder is: 'We stand on the shoulder of giants and now it's our turn to leave our legacy," said Brett Robertson, a junior in the theater program.

    The school is known for winning awards in the University Interscholastic League's One-Act Play contest. Founded in 1927, it's the largest high school play production contest or play festival in the world.

    Snyder has plenty of first place awards.

    "He went to state 26 times and won 13," said Robertson.

    He, is Mr. Jerry Worsham, who died in 2000.

    Worsham is a legend in Snyder. He is credited for the school's theater program and having an influence on students' careers.

    "He put a stamp on our town and this department from what he did, he is still a legacy today," Craig Robertson director of the theater program said.

    Robertson says every single director since Worsham has been an alum and believes the educator of 34 years instilled a culture of hard-work and team spirit.

    "It's about giving them a place they want to be. Giving them something to belong to and a sense of purpose. 'We're going to do excellent, we're going to make something beautiful and important," Robertson said.

    While Oscars night is an evening of enjoyment and glam, students at Snyder are preparing for competitions - dreaming that someday they might give an acceptance speech from Hollywood.

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