Brownwood stabbing leads to arrest of 5 for organized crime


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood police arrested five people, including two teenagers, for engaging in organized criminal activity and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following an altercation in early April, but one suspect says the police report isn't accurate.

In the past 10 days, officers have arrested Kirt Anderson, 27, Lapauldria Jackson, 23, Jonathan Hicks, 29, Zeavyn Gains, 19, and Allyah Potts, 18. According to warrants KTXS obtained, the arrests stemmed from a stabbing and altercation that happened on April 9.

"It's been very difficult to work through this," Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols said on Wednesday, describing the investigation as complex. "The stories start to change as you interview them and they may tell you a thing at the scene, but once you get them into custody on a warrant, they tell you something different."

The court documents filed at Brown County County-at-Law Judge Sam Moss's office say the suspects ran into a man's house and chased him outside. The man then stabbed one of them.

But the suspects have disagreed with that assessment and have taken to social media to say so.

"We're not going to present this … case out in the media," Chief Nichols said. "We're going to let the facts speak for themselves and present [it] to a grand jury."

Potts turned herself in to law enforcement on April 17 but claims the police report isn't truthful.

"[He] was cussing me out, trying to stab me … coming to me with a knife," Potts said describing the incident. "So I'm like, 'You know, if you're going to stab me, stab me, because I'm not going to do this with you.'"

Potts posted a $75,000 bond on April 19 to get out of jail.

"I've never been in trouble," she said. "I was just about to start vet classes, my apartment was just coming in, I've lost all of that due to lies."

She said the alleged altercation took place at the home she shares with her mother on the 1600 block of Borden Street. It started after a verbal argument.

Potts said the knife-wielding man was her mom's boyfriend.

Statements made to police stated Jonathan Hicks was carrying a semiautomatic pistol at the time the five showed up at the home.

"If I would've seen a gun, I would've ran or cried," Potts said.

The Brownwood Police Department hopes to present its case to the district attorney's office soon, but it doesn't have a timetable.

Anderson and Hicks remained in the Brown County Jail each on a $75,000 bond.

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