Hawley parent: Son did not make threats against school


ABILENE, Texas - A Hawley High School student will remain in custody for another two weeks after police said he made a terroristic threat against the school. Draven Watts was arrested Friday and had a juvenile court hearing on Monday, but his father denies the incident.

"He didn't do this. I know he didn't. My kid has never done anything like this," said Draven ' s father, Keith Watts. "I want him free because he didn't do it. I don't want him to be charged because that'll mess up his life and he don't need his life messed up."

Watts says his son didn't make any threats and believes police built their case off the statements of four students who he said bullied his son.

"They've been calling him a school shooter since the first day he went to school, " Watts said. " They've been bullying him calling him a school shooter because he looked like somebody who shot up the school somewhere."

Keith said his son would never threaten anyone and that he's never even shot a gun.

Draven's mother was present during his court hearing and learned he's being detained for two more weeks until they find a stable place to live.

Hawley ISD Superintendent Jimmy Burns didn't want to comment.

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