Icy roads very possible


ABILENE, Texas - Very cold arctic air has moved back into the Big Country and should spread south through the rest of our area during the afternoon.  Late Saturday morning, temperatures are already below freezing in Abilene and west and north of Abilene.  This area will likely stay below freezing now until Wednesday.

Light drizzle has returned to much of the area once again.  This could lead to accumulations of ice - first on objects above the ground and later to surface roads.  The solar radiation filtered by the clouds is still strong enough to slow down the development of ice during the daylight hours.  However, as night falls, any precipitation will certainly become ice on roadways.

Drizzle, freezing drizzle or light snow will be possible into midday Sunday.  Be careful traveling and plan for possible icy spots - especially on bridges and overpasses.

Most recently made vehicles display the outside temperature.  If you car shows it's below 32 degrees and the roads look wet, be extra careful - especially approaching bridges and overpasses.

Latest Texas road conditions can be found at:

You should strongly consider protecting your outdoor water pipes.  Temperatures are forecast to fall to around 20 Saturday night and stay in the 20s Sunday even with late day sunshine possible.  Monday morning should have temperatures around 10 degrees for the low.  Monday's high temperature should only warm into the 20s.  

Temperatures should be back near 10 degrees again Tuesday morning with afternoon readings maybe climbing to 30 Tuesday afternoon.  Lows around 20 are expected for Wednesday morning before temperatures finally go back above freezing before noon Wednesday.

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