Last-minute shoppers checking off Christmas lists


On Christmas Eve, some people were buying last-minute presents. Although people were out shopping, it wasn't as crowded as you might've thought. Some last-minute shoppers said it felt like a normal day. ABILENE, Texas -


Some toy isles were empty and Target didn’t get as busy as employees thought it would.


Two roommates, Katie Smith and Sienna Saucedo said they're glad they can get in and out of Target without any problems. “It is really slow we thought it would be really busy since it's of course Christmas Eve,” Smith said.

“We thought we would be fighting people for some space but we have ample room here. It's awesome actually,” Saucedo said. There were even some shoppers looking for last-minute Christmas decorations. A mother of two, Michelle Perez says she's home for the holidays from Fort Worth and shopping on Christmas Eve isn't what she expected. "It's pretty calm and chill. I thought I would have to wait like long lines but doesn't seem that way, so I guess it’s a plus especially when you have smaller children," Perez said. An employee, Sage Richardson said the store was pretty calm and even when it is busy, people are a lot nicer this time of year. "You can definitely tell that the Christmas spirit is in everybody. Everybody wishes each other a Merry Christmas and is extra nice and tells us not to work too hard," Richardson said.  

She also said they expect it to get busier as they get closer to the evening.

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