Medical experts: Flu season may be a bad one


ABILENE, Texas - The upcoming flu season is approaching and it may be severe in the United States, according to medical experts.

After citing preliminary data from Australia, they said the flu vaccine used this year is only 10 percent effective.

Abilene's Health Director Santos Navarrette Jr. told us how this may impact the U.S.

"Even though we're all using the same flu vaccine, we haven't seen it here in the U.S. yet. I'm confident it'll be as normal as 40 to 60 percent effective to protect against the flu," Navarrette said.

Navarrette still suggests getting your flu shot to protect yourself and your family. He said it ' s best to get your flu shot between the months of October and February.

"The earlier you get your flu shot, the better you're going to be protected against the flu. It doesn't prevent the flu, but it does protect against the flu so now's the time to get your flu shot," Navarrette said. "[The flu] is in the southern hemisphere. It'll come to the north and we're a mobile society so the flu will get to us."

Lynne Bruton, a spokesperson for Hendrick Medical Center, said they are expecting the flu season to start earlier this year locally. Bruton said flu season historically begins after the new year.

The Abilene Taylor County Public Health District offers flu shots for $25.

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