Meek Blood Center asking for donations after taking heavy hit over weekend


The Meek Blood Center is asking for your help after taking a heavy hit over the weekend.ABILENE, Texas -

This holiday season they need all types of blood, especially O Negative blood, which is one of the rarest types.

At the Meek Blood Center, the chairs where people donate were empty when we were there, and that's not a good sign for supply.

“This is our drawer of O Negative blood, and it is looking a little empty right now,” said Frances Baker, the donor recruiter at the Meek Blood Center.

Randall Volcko is a regular donor. He gives about three times a year since the September 11th attacks.

“I'm at almost seven gallons now,” Volcko said.  

And right now, they need more people like Volcko to fill their chairs.

“We had a lot of usage over the weekend for various reasons between accidents, our NICU, our trauma center and just regular usage,” Baker said. “The supply took a really heavy hit.”

Baker said during this busy time of year donations typically go down as demand goes up, and it doesn't take long to make a big difference.

“The hour that you take to donate blood could give someone else a lifetime,” Baker said. “It could give them another Christmas with their family.”

“It feels really good,” Volcko said. “I'm glad that I help other people out being able to do this.

The Meek Blood Center serves 17 hospitals in our area.

You can donate at their north and south locations or check out their website to find out where their blood-mobile will be.  


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