Police search phone of man accused of robbing two Abilene convenience stores at gunpoint


The Abilene Police Department have seized a cellphone from a man accused of robbing two convenience stores at gunpoint. ABILENE, Texas -


Jesus Manuel Meyer, 30, was accused of robbing $400 from a Stripes in the 4000 block of Loop 322 and $281.34 from a 7-11 in the 1000 block of North Clack on Dec. 16.


According to the search warrant, Meyer entered both the Stripes and 7-11 convenience stores, covering his face and hands and wearing dark clothing before demanding money from the safe and registers.


Officers reviewed surveillance video at Stripes, which showed a small four-door bright blue car enter the parking lot and park where the camera view is inaccessible.


The Stripes store clerk told police that he recognized Meyer’s voice and believed him to be the boyfriend of a recent former employee. The clerk stated that Meyer would “make his presence known during her entire shift.” Officers learned that the former employee owns a bright blue Ford Focus. The 7-11 store clerk indicated that Meyer fled the scene in a bright blue Ford Focus.


That same day police stopped a bright blue Ford Focus for expired registration and identified the driver as Meyer. He reportedly had the former Stripes employee in the passenger seat. Police found a black cell phone in the compartment area after searching the vehicle for marijuana.


Both were interviewed at the LEC, and according to police, the information they gave contradicted each other.


Meyer was arrested Dec. 16. His bond was set at $100,000.

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