San Angelo couple caught in Las Vegas shooting describes their escape


SAN ANGELO, Texas - A San Angelo couple was caught in the gunfire in Las Vegas.

They got away with only minor injuries, but even when they were back in their hotel room -- looking down at the carnage -- they still weren't sure if they were safe.

Mark Bethune and his wife Sherrell were at the Jason Aldean concert celebrating his 50th birthday when they heard what they thought were fireworks.

" The music stopped, and then we heard the automatic gunfire just powpowpowpowpowpowpow, " Bethune said. " That happened a couple more times -- rapid succession, a brief pause, possibly changing out a clip, changing guns, I don't know. After about the second or third time I yelled to my wife, run! "

As they jumped over fences to get away he said the gunshots got louder.

" The second fence she got caught at the top, and remember the gunshots [are] still going -- the rapid fire, and she was a sitting duck up there, so I pushed her over, " Bethune said.

They made it back to their hotel room to a view of the room where the gunman was firing from, and as they looked down at the carnage Bethune posed on Facebook, " We're being attacked. I love you."

" We didn't know if it was a coordinated attack, " Bethune said. " We didn't know anything. I just knew that if those were my last words, I wanted them to be I love you. "

After surviving the worst mass shooting in modern American history, he has this message for the rest of us.

" Don ' t allow this to stop you from going out and enjoying your life and going to events, " Bethune said. " Do be aware. Do be cautious, but we just can't live in a cave. We have to go out and go about our life and be prudent but live, live. "

Bethune is still wearing the armbands from the concert. He said he just hasn't been able to cut them off yet.

He said they plan on getting counseling when they feel the time is right.

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